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Something very practical to ENJOY your week- WHAT to do when someone who completely trusts you  endlessly complains, nags or even annoys the living #$@&%*!  out of you... Before I ANSWER that, I ask you in advance NOT to send me complaints or reprimands because this is for your own good. THE ANSWER : Thank them ! I can already hear some of you saying  “ What kind of a ‘cop out‘ answer is that...” Again, Thank them- as I did... WHY ?  Because it has been the motivation, drive, & creative inspiration to DISCOVER answers & deliver specific SOLUTIONS for you even when no one else could or would  ( basically they gave up on you because of personal convenience or complacency- shame on them...) BUT this is about you ( not anyone else...) Go ahead- bring me your biggest dilemmas that have been aging you before your years( yeah , the mirror doesn’t lie), the biggest obstacles to your productive, relationships, and outlook on life that have been vexing you... AND I saved the best for last- your sex appeal ( yeah -your desired inner & outer beauty) is a reasonable expectation because you believe & follow your YOUTHFUL BLUEPRINT ROADMAP for being Hot & Sexy again... Don't know where to start because you have been hanging out with technicians rather than a true engineering architect expert of your YOUTHFUL BLUEPRINT ROADMAP... DISCOVER HOW it really works... Super ,simple & speedy SOLUTION my VIP clients are already raving about THAT you are NOT currently taking advantage of - but IMMEDIATELY could....  www.tvbeautydoctor.com

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