Hormone Levels in North Miami, FL



I just finished talking about how each and every one of you has a youthful blueprint. Whether
you’ve discovered it or not, the point is you have it. For many of my clients it’s the first time that they’ve
ever heard about it. Why is that? Well, as doctors we were trained to let people reach somewhere in midlife, if you were a woman at age 51 the average age of menopause, so basically your midlife and your hormones have stopped working and in men the male menopause (andropause) usually will happen somewhere around the mid-40’s.

Doctors have taken a very simplistic approach, assuming that no aging goes on from your 20’s all the
way to 50. You and I know that’s not really true. When you are 10, 20, 30, 40 years ‘out’ from your youthful blueprint, 20 years of age, things are definitely not the same. If you are convinced of that then look back to a high school reunion photo 20, 30 or 40 years out from 20, there is definitely change. From 20 to 30 there are some hidden, as well as visible signs. From 30 to 40 it’s definitely not the same and from 40 to 50 it’s hyper accelerated aging all the way.

So the real issue comes down to Hormone Levels in North Miami, FL. When you go to the doctor they’ll often do all your bloodwork and the line they give you is that things all ‘look normal’. The problem with that is they’re telling you that you look as normal as 95% of unhealthy people in your age group. That’s not much of a real goal or something that you aspire to, what they’re not looking at is the combinations and patterns of hormones that I’ve deciphered over the years that must work in combination with each other. When you’re 20, even without thinking about it, your hormones work effortlessly. In other words, we never believe that anything will ever change.